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Last news

New cultivator

We have excellent news! We have bought new equipment – a cultivator! In early summer we had a test drive, where we compared and chose equipment for soil handling!

Category: facility 31 July 2019 в 11:03

The day the cows on the farm Verbilovskoe

July 25 is the Day cows. And we have decided to tell you about how cows live on the farm "Verbiesque". Details in the video.

Category: event 26 July 2019 в 11:21


Milking equipment is the most important part of the milk farm. Its correct and smooth operation is indispensable for high milk yield, milk quality and good health of animals. So it is very important to regularly check it and clear faults early.

Category: event 22 July 2019 в 12:19

Rules when photographing animals

In this video, we decided to tell you a few rules when photographing animals

Category: facility 07 June 2019 в 10:20

About the Project

 –  a unique information asset of Danone for effective team work. It is interesting not only for the participants of the dairy market, but also for all those who want to learn more about milk and dairy farming firsthand, as well as to gain unique knowledge about the agricultural sector as a whole.

The Project comprises:

 An exciting interactive Reality SHOW that will turn heads of those who are like-minded and interested in real life of a farm;
The model of an up-to-date successful "Verbilovskoye" dairy farm and best practices from experts, interesting and constructive knowledge for dairy farm managers of any level;
Dairy production technologies and innovations;
Relevant proposals for farm managers concerning fodder procurement, purchase of new and second-hand machinery and equipment;
Job placement assistance to young professionals and people with operational background;
A forum for like-minded people;
An educational page where one can take a test on different disciplines and find interesting training or master class, sign in to participation.
And a lot of different and useful information!


We are confident that by enhancing the prestige of dairy farming, we ensure the food security of the country and safeguard future well-being of our children!

Reality SHOW "Farm Life"


To allow everyone to plunge into farm life, we allocated a separate line – Reality SHOW «Farm Life».


Farm life is much more interesting, than many imagine! Central figures are real people, farm workers and other participants of the farming branch. They will cover various topics and actual issues in a simple and positive form. In this section you will find information on modern farms and key technologies of dairy production, events, trips, sharing of experience and a host of other things.



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