Crimea-Farming is one of the best farms in Russia in terms of economy

Under the guidance of employees of Alta Genetics and Crimea-Farming the participants of the event got acquainted with the production processes of the farm and the results that have been achieved over the past five years, reports The DairyNews.

Nikita Gordeev, CEO of Alta Genetics Russia, stressed that the farm Crimea-Farming is one of the best farms in Russia in terms of economy. 

"We pay great attention to the venue of the show, because the farm should not only be beautiful and efficient, it should be an interesting case, said Nikita Gordeev. - The Crimea-Farming is such a case, not only because it makes two thirds of milk of the Republic, not only because they use the sexed semen on all livestock, not only because the milk yield is 30 liters per forage-fed cow, not only because they have been selling heifers for two years, but because they achieved this all for five years. We believe that from an economic point of view it is one of the best farms in Russia".

Vladimir Kazyuk, General Director of LLC Crimea-Pharming also noted that the company is the largest producer of milk in the region.

"At present, the farm Crimea-Farming is the largest livestock enterprise in the territory of the Republic of Crimea and one of the leading farms in the South of Russia, said Vladimir Kazyuk. -More than 6 thousand heads of Holstein breed are located on the area of 40 hectares. During the design and construction of this farm, innovative technologies for housing and raising animals were introduced in Russia".

Minister of agriculture of the Republic of Crimea Andrey Ryumshin thanked the representatives of Alta Genetics and Crimea-Farming for the development of the dairy industry in the region.

"Due to such active companies that now support our dairy enterprises and farms that produce dairy products, we see that together we can create a great future. I would like to thank the host party, Crimea-Farming, which for five years has been doing in Crimea what was done in the Soviet Union before. This is such a high level of development that we are proud to say that there is a future in this complex, and we are building this future together with you", Andrey Ryumshin said. 

Andrey Ryumshin stressed that Crimea has always been famous for high-quality dairy products, which are now conquering the markets of the Southern Federal district, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

According to DIA in 2018, the agricultural enterprises and peasant farm holdings of the Crimea produced 70.3 thousand tons of raw milk, which is by 26% more than in 2017. Taking into account the dynamics of growth of commercial milk production, in 2018 the Crimea came out on top in Russia. Largely due to the implementation of the project Crimea-Farming, where now the volume of milk production is about 80 tons per day or 41.5% of milk production in the Crimea.

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