Introduction of labeling can increase prices for the cheapest dairy products-Nikolay Vlasov

"If we proceed from the current prices, the introduction of labeling will affect the cost of products, and the cost of cheap products in particular, where the packaging unit is inexpensive – like yogurt, for example, - commented Nikolay Vlasov. - As you know, the QR-code itself costs 50 kopecks, to which you will have to add the application procedure, the purchase of printers, readers, operating costs, etc. The only thing that can protect against this is the introduction of government "capex" to cover the costs. Therefore, the increase in cost will depend on what decision the government will make – if they decide not to do anything, prices will rise".

At the same time, the expert expressed confidence that the government will take all necessary measures and will not allow the rise in price of food products: "I think that measures will be taken, because it is impossible to imagine that there would be a significant rise in the price of socially important products only through the introduction of labeling",-said Nikolay Vlasov.

Earlier, The DairyNews reported with reference to General Director of Soyuzmoloko Artem Belov that the inclusion of dairy products into the system of electronic veterinary certification "Mercury" would not affect their cost.

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