Roskachestvo performed a study of strawberry yogurt

The study included 26 of the most popular brands of strawberry non-drinking yogurts of Russian production, as well as one yogurt from Belarus and Switzerland. All products were tested on 62 parameters, including the study for safety, the presence of vegetable fats, antibiotics, dyes and preservatives in the composition, compliance with the actual components declared on the labeling. The cost of yogurt at the time of purchase ranged from 11.5 to 76.3 rubles per 100 grams (the study presents products in packages from 100 to 450 grams). 

The results of tests of strawberry yogurt of four brands meet high standard requirements of Roskachestvo: "Sloboda", "Snezhok", "Chudo" and "Ecovakino". All these products are of domestic production, which means that they will be able to claim the Russian Quality Mark.

According to experts of Roskachestvo, according to the test results, the experts recorded the groups of coliform bacteria in the product of the brand "Talitsky yogurt". The cause of this violation may be non-sterile conditions in the workplace. The specialists of Roskachestvo also found exceeding the requirements of Technical regulation TR CU 033 "On safety of milk and dairy products" on the content of yeast in the following trademarks: "B. Y. Alexandrov", "Iskrenne Vash (Sincerely yours)", "Milkovo" and "Vkusnoteevo".

These drawbacks can be provoked by several factors: low quality of raw materials, violation of the sanitary conditions of production site, non-compliance with the conditions of transportation, storage or sale of products, stresses the press release.

It is noted that in the studied yogurt there was not found Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella and mold, in addition, experts have not recorded the excess of antibiotics.

In the vast majority of yogurts, there are no violations of microbiology or preservatives, while the number of lactic acid bacteria in them remains high throughout the shelf life. This is a definite advantage, as while producing the yogurt they use aseptic method of packaging, - said the experts of Roskachestvo.

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