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The guillotine is not for milk

The mechanism of the "regulatory guillotine" was discussed in January this year – then RBC, citing Dmitry Medvedev, reported that in Russia there are more than 9 thousand regulations that establish mandatory requirements for business during inspections. The Russian Prime Minister then stressed that these requirements are not justified and create risks for companies.

"All those provisions of the acts that contain mandatory requirements and which will not be specifically approved or amended lose their force automatically", RBC quoted Dmitry Medvedev. 

The reform is based on two laws - "On state control "(how to organize inspections) and "On mandatory requirements" (what is subject to inspections). The reform is aimed at the most regulated sectors – transport, ecology, industrial safety, veterinary and sanitary-epidemiological surveillance.

In agriculture, it is planned to abandon all regulations that are not applied in practice, among them there are about 200 regulatory legal acts. For example, one of the provisions states that milk processing plants must disassemble all equipment and wash it by hand, but with modern equipment, the washing procedure is fully automated, and there is no need to do it by hand.

Perhaps the most sensational act to be abolished is the decree of 1917 "On the eight-hour working day". However, according to Deputy Prime Minister Konstantin Chuichenko, the eight-hour working day itself will not be canceled, as it is established by the Labor code of the Russian Federation.

The DairyNews wondered how this reform will affect the lives of market participants? What do manufacturers think about the reform, is it a step forward for them or another attempt of the departments to do something without understanding what is happening? This is told about in comments of producers. 

"In general, it is a difficult question, which law is better, which is worse. But I can say that a four-day working week is absurd. How is it possible to imagine - 4 working days at agricultural enterprises? When in animal husbandry, in milking the work is going on round the clock", - commented Victor Ognev, the General Director of CJSC “Nevsky”.

"I do not understand all this nonsense in the form of a four-day week, which they are trying to impose to us. How is it possible to introduce a four-day working day in companies where work goes on 24/7? For example, grain harvesting - often due to weather conditions, farms have to work in the shortest possible time to harvest the grain at a minimum humidity content - people can work for 18-20 hours. How can this be related to a four-day working week? It is unclear why such initiatives are necessary. It seems that the government is acting in isolation from reality, not seeing the real problems", said Andrey Blinov, Director and owner of “JSC Breeding plant “Yaroslavka”.

"As for the eight-hour working day it should not be reduced for sure. As the owner of the enterprise, I understand that on farms people work for 8 hours only on paper. In reality, they have to work 12 hours and more. It is impossible to reduce, but it is quite possible to increase, as well as production. Therefore, I think that this initiative is necessary in order to adapt the laws to what we have in reality", commented Alexander Nikitin, a member of the Board of Directors of “Alantal”. 

As you can see, market participants are unanimous on the issue of revision of working time – for agriculture, for any processing it is a common thing, a key issue.

As for the measures that should be taken - manufacturers have expressed their expectations from the reform:

"I can tell you one thing: I have 20-25 inspections a year, the activities of which are regulated by a huge number of legislative acts, they could be reduced. In general, I cannot imagine how you can change anything, except to simplify everything as much as possible, and now the trend is opposite. The accounting of agriculture is too much regulated, we pay for everything. Any sneeze in agriculture is taxed, and this should be changed", said Andrey Blinov. 

"For us now there is a very important problem - the recalculation of the cadastral price, which is seriously increasing. We would like to draw attention to this situation", said Viktor Ognev. 

"As far as I remember, there was an act signed by Khasbulatov in 1990 – On the work of women in rural areas for 36 hours a week. I believe that this act has long been outdated and it should be abolished, to make the working day of 40 hours, like everyone else. What is the point? There are no cows or small holdings in the villages. Moreover, since we are talking about inspections within the reform – it is necessary to restrict the access of the Rospotrebnadzor to the production of raw materials, let them control food, instead of going to enterprises or farms", commented Nikolay Ignatyev, General Director of "Novopyshminskoe". 

"Revision" of outdated regulations should be fully completed by 2021. By October 10, about 30 Federal authorities will submit their proposals and add to the list of acts required for revision. And by mid-November, the Ministry of justice will prepare a draft government resolution.

We will remind, earlier The DairyNews reported that the order of the Government on preparation of the list of legal acts of the USSR and RSFSR for recognition them invalid was signed by Dmitry Medvedev on September 11. As the “Kommersant” wrote, this order or "regulatory guillotine" is part of the reform of the control and supervision activities and will not be limited to Soviet acts only.

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опубликовано: 19 сентября 2019 в 13:36:09

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